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If you do not know which exact woodworking scribe tool you are looking for, I have put together a review of woodworking scribe tool that I find is the best on the market right now.

Below we list the most popular woodworking scribe tool available on the market today. They are known for their high quality. There are also hundreds of customer’s reviews that you can refer to.

All you need to do is to read this page carefully and choose one for yourself.

Finding the Best Woodworking Scribe Tool

Starrett 505P-7 Miter Saw Protractor

Legendary Starrett accuracy takes error prone calculations out of the process of setting up miter cuts. Simply set your saw to the angle that you read on the protractor.

Product Reviews
  • “Easy to measure angles for crown molding installation.” – DanTheMan
  • “Measuring angles and corners with this is a breeze. the cuts lined up perfectly and were super easy to transfer to the miter saw.” – Len
  • “The scale is easy to read.” – Mark Reisman

FastCap Accuscribe Scribing Tool

The Accuscribe from FastCap scribes cabinet trim, architectural moldings, countertops, tile and more for cleaner cuts and more creative freedom on a wide variety of projects.

Product Reviews
  • “Like any good tool. . . it makes the work fun and the day go that much better.” – Funchaser
  • “Best Compass and scribe I have used.” – Korbierg
  • “I tried to contact the manufacturer, Fastcap, and complain but the URL stamped on the product is not a working website.” – Jeff

Sheffield Tools 58780 Hook And Pick Set, 4 Piece
Sheffield Tools

Manufactured using high carbon steel and high quality chrome vanadium steel for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. These tools feature ID stamping showing size and brand.

Product Reviews
  • “Good quality and easy to work with.” – gabriel goia
  • “Good sharp points but yet strong and the comfortable handle is much easier to grip then the skinny metal handles on other picks.” – G. L. Boutain
  • “No, I am a hobby user and wanna-be fixer of things around the house.” – D. Blankenship

Incra T-RULE12 12-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule

Precise, versatile, and easy-to-use are the words which best describe the Incra 12-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule. Think of it as a combination square for marking or measuring thats simultaneously set to every scale position with perfect, instant accuracy.

Product Reviews
  • “Over all, this is a great product that can be used in every furniture-making project for accurate markings.” – Matthew Schenker
  • “With a .5mm pencil or pen you can make very sharp and straight lines at precise intervals from the edges of an object.” – Ben Willhoite
  • “So aways treat it with care and don’t bend it ( it can easily bend) and it will serve you well.” – Armando Gonzalez

Incra T-RULE06 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule

Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. This 3″ rule is the perfect size for your apron pocket. Comes in handy as a square, marking gauge, machine setup tool and ultra-precise ruler.

Product Reviews
  • “I use a 0.5mm mechanical pencil which fits precisely in the holes to allow very accurate marking of joints and hole centers etc.” – Bryan F
  • “As a matter of fact the incra system is the most exacting measuring, fencing, and marking systems available.” – Bob Feeser
  • “This is a very good tool for making accurate marks.” – Rodger Manecke

General Tools 1/4-Inch to 1/2-Inch Dowel Center Transfer Plugs
General Tools Mfg Co In


8 Piece
Dowel Center Set
Includes 2 Each: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Plated Steel Dowel Centers
Punch Marks Provide Accurate Dowel Hole Alignment

Product Reviews
  • “Easy to use and seems accurate enough for most projects.” – techy
  • “The holes transferred perfectly and my new plywood top lined up precisely with the bench holes and the bench edges.” – Charles A. Miess
  • “A simple solution.” – J. Ashton

General Tools 837 6-Inch Contour Duplication Gauge
General Tools Mfg Co In

Duplicate custom shapes and contours easily. This gauge measures contours up to 6″ across. One inch increment markings on the brass and enameled body make contour measurements simple.

Product Reviews
  • “The tool worked well for duplicating the contours.” – Nathan Gibbs
  • “Unfortunately the really good french ones are not produced any more, and there is not much choice left.” – Bettina Fischer
  • “This was a smart buy and a quality tool.” – LeeAnne

Irwin Tools 1792761 Speedbor Blue-Groove Pro Spade Bit Set with Storage Case, 17-Piece
Irwin Tools

The Irwin Tools 1792761 17-Piece Speedbor Blue Groove Pro Set with Storage Case provides you with every size Standard Length Speedbor paddle bit made in a durable pouch for easy transport to your job site.

Product Reviews
  • “I use them mostly on a drill press and they work well.” – Sorcha Rose
  • “Decent quality and a better range of sizes than I once had.” – Daniel DeForest
  • “These are sturdy, have any size you might need, are clearly labeled and have the added benefit of the carrying case.” – christopher a pope

Incra RULE12 12-Inch Incra Rules Marking Rule

The first stainless steel rule with micro-fine guide holes for marking a fine dot with a sharp pencil or metal scribe

Product Reviews
  • “The incra rulers are made of thin, pliable metal.” – ericm
  • “Love this ruler, but have to treat it with special care…fragile.” – orangebob70
  • “Overeall, very satisfied.” – Xevius

Incra BNDRUL12 12-Inch Incra Precision Bend Rule

Limited Quantity Special Deals INCRA Bend Rules make dual-surface layouts a snap using the corner slots shown above. The INCRA Bend Rule is precisely what you need for layout and measurement along the edge of a board or other workpiece.

Product Reviews
  • “This thing is fantastic for transferring marks across corners.” – robotme
  • “Just like everything that Incra makes, all of you that do any kind of measuring need to buy one of these!!!” – Frame Man
  • “Quality is very high, and though on first look, the rules seem a little flexible, that is by design.” – Frank E. Trinkle

Suggestions of the Best woodworking scribe tool

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